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Tax law

• Expertise in administrative and judicial tax proceedings;


• Tax planning to reduce the tax burden on business activities;

• Legal advice to controllership and tax guidance to support accounting entries;

• Requests for special regimes and tax benefits;

• Consultancy specialized in the taxation of cooperatives;

• Consultancy in international operations, with an emphasis on transfer pricing, double taxation treaties, royalties, among others.

Environmental Law

• Advisory advice to comply with environmental protection laws;


• Performance in administrative and judicial litigation (Infraction Notices, Public Civil Actions, Indemnity Actions);


• Adoption of legal measures against embargoes / suspension of works or activities;


• Assistance in obtaining licenses, permits, authorizations, permissions, registrations and government records;

• Negotiation of agreements with public bodies, such as Environmental Commitment Terms (TCA) and Conduct Adjustment Terms (TAC);

• Negotiation and monitoring of plans to remedy environmental liabilities.

Business Law

• Drafting and negotiation of corporate charters and partner / shareholder agreements;


• Assistance in projects for the acquisition of companies, mergers, incorporations and corporate reorganization, purchase and sale of equity interests and in the transfer of assets;


• Drafting, negotiation and review of commercial contracts, such as charter, distribution, joint venture, franchise, service provision, purchase and sale of goods, transport, lease and lease contracts;


• Full performance on a post-contractual basis, for example, in the management of contracts, amendments and terminations and in conflict resolution.

Social Security Law

• Expertise in administrative and judicial social security tax lawsuits;

• Audit of procedures related to contracting service providers and the corresponding retention of social security contributions;


• Carrying out legal steps;

• Assistance in the area of ​​social security.

Labor Law

• Expertise in administrative and judicial litigation;


• Assistance in labor audits aimed at eliminating or reducing possible contingencies;


• Assistance in labor inspections carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Employment and the Public Ministry of Labor;


• Assistance in the creation and implementation of variable compensation plans;


• Union business advice, especially in collective labor negotiations and strike conflicts.

Intellectual property

• Legal assistance to protect the company's intellectual capital (trademarks, patents, domain names, copyrights, software, among others);


• Preparation and analysis of technology transfer contracts;


• Carrying out legal steps;


• Drafting and negotiation of franchise, licensing and assignment contracts.

Foreign Investments

• Complete legal advice for foreign direct investment, acquisition of equity interest, repatriation of capital and remittance of dividends abroad;


• Registration of the referred operations with the Central Bank of Brazil;


• Assistance to foreign investors to implement the business in Brazil in compliance with tax, social security and labor laws;


• Legal advice to national and international companies that aim to transfer foreign professionals to Brazil.



Mining Law

• Assistance in the implementation of mining projects;


• Obtaining and renewing mineral exploration authorization and mining concession;

• Legal assessment of mining rights.

Estate Planning and Family Succession

• Advice on the sharing of assets in life, by means of advances from legitimate or donations from the available party, with or without restrictive clauses (untenability, incommunicability, inalienability and reversal), aiming at preventing and reducing family conflicts;


• Assistance for the structuring, conservation and reorganization of family property, with succession objectives, tax planning or heritage conservation;


• Tax analysis regarding income tax and the tax on the transmission of assets in relation to donations, receipt of inheritance and usufruct institution;

• Preparation and monitoring of judicial and extrajudicial inventories.


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