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Sustainable Work

In 2015, the search for a new headquarters for the office began. In order to choose the building, certain requirements were established, such as proximity to public means of transport, shopping center and public bodies usually used by office staff, thus making it possible to reduce travel around the city.

Solar incidence was also taken into account, both to take advantage of it in order to reduce electricity consumption with lighting, and to avoid unnecessary expenses with cooling.

Once the new headquarters was chosen, work began. For its execution, the search for sustainable elements was present in the entire process of purchasing inputs.


The main inputs of the work reflect the concern with sustainability:

• Installation of carpet with green seal;

• Use of CFC certified wood in furniture;

• Use of efficient taps in bathrooms and pantry, resulting in a significant reduction in water consumption (more than 40% compared to the average consumption);

• Use of low water consumption toilets;

• Acquisition of Led lamps with the Procel A seal for all office environments;

• Acquisition of 100% of the equipment with Procel's A seal (refrigerator, microwave, computers, printers, scanners);

• Use of paints with low emission of volatile organic compounds;

• Choice of blinds with recyclable components that provide the best use of sunlight, eliminating the use of artificial light in different environments during the day;

• Implementation of an energy efficient air conditioning system with an air renewal system;

• Installation of a water filter, avoiding the environmental impact of everyday use of bottled water.


In addition to the care in choosing the inputs, the management of the work was carried out in order to preserve the material resources as much as possible, avoiding waste and encouraging the reuse of materials, in the work itself or in other places.


• Shipment of cardboard packaging used in the work for recycling in a cooperative;


• Separation and storage of materials that already exist in the rooms and can be reused in other places, such as toilets, sinks, doors, frames, benches, for later referral for donation;


• Sending of waste generated on the job to licensed landfills;


• Prioritization of local suppliers in all products for which such a choice has been shown to be possible;


• Reuse of furniture from the former headquarters of the office;


The result was very positive and motivated the employees' engagement with sustainability.

Sustainable Management

We believe that innovation related to practice, despite its simplicity, consists of a concern with the sustainable use of time and is materialized in the systematization and organization of activities related to the monitoring of processes on agendas that are analyzed by trained professionals in order to optimize the process. compliance.

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